The Benefits of Using New Auto Body Parts in Columbia, MO

After a collision, a vehicle heads into the body shop to take care of any damage that may have happened to the exterior of the vehicle. In some cases insurance takes care of the cost. Other times the driver is responsible for the bill. Either way, it’s important to find out whether or not New Auto Body Parts in Columbia MO are being used in the repair. There are some real benefits to using new as opposed to used parts.

True Restoration

Vehicle owners want their car restored to its original condition after an accident. For some, this doesn’t just mean that the vehicle should look exactly like it did before the incident. It also means that only New Auto Body Parts in Columbia MO will be acceptable. Replacement parts that are used aren’t the same parts that were on the vehicle. Some may even have minor differences in the condition that would affect the way the part is viewed by the owner.

Inclusive Warranty

New parts tend to have a more inclusive warranty. Should something go wrong with a new auto body part, a replacement is offered at no cost to the customer within a reasonable amount of time. Used parts may have a limited warranty and they usually don’t cover the same amount of time. This can be problematic for those with a defective auto body part one year and two months after it’s been replaced only to find that the warranty has expired.

Peace of Mind

Bring involved in a collision is stressful. The process of trying to remedy the situation with the vehicle as well as other drivers involved can be stressful too. So when owners get their vehicles back, they don’t want one more thing to worry about. New auto body parts tend to offer some additional peace of mind. They may be slightly more expensive, but they do come with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, bring your vehicle to Dents Unlimited. Ask about the difference between new auto body parts as well as the role that after-market parts play in the replacement process. There are lots of options for consumers to choose from when it comes to auto parts.

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