A New Harley Davidson in Irwin Attracts Attention for Its Practicality

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Authorized Retailers

If there is one thing that motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is known for, it is probably volume. It must be said that the bikes it turns out are not always so loud when delivered from the factory, but most are equipped with engines that are inclined toward being outspoken. One of the most popular modifications that new owners make is to free up that volume with an aftermarket exhaust or other tweaks, so that plenty of Harley-Davidson motorcycles on the road today make a fair bit of noise.

While no motorcycle produced by Harley-Davidson might be properly characterized as seeming shy or introverted, the fact is that certain of its more recent models do stray a bit from this brash mold. The second or third most popular Harley Davidson in Irwin today, for example, is a machine quite a bit more refined than the classic “hogs” that come to mind for so many when the company’s name crops up.

In fact, that refinement and overall air of politeness extends even to the Street 500’s handling. Pretty much every Harley Davidson in Irwin will deliver a fairly aggressive, raw ride, but with some of its newer bikes the company has sought to provide something a little more tamer. That makes the motorcycles of the Street series excellent choices as daily commuters, something that could not always be said about the full-fledged cruisers that Harley-Davidson is best known for.

All of these factors, taken together, make the Street motorcycles some of the most popular and talked-about of all at local dealers like Z&M Cycle Sales. Many buyers, thoroughly infatuated with what Harley-Davidson has to offer, pick up a Street 500 or 750 as a relatively practical everyday ride while still keeping something like a Soft-Tail or an Ultra Glide for weekend use.

Others find that a Street alone takes care of what they need from a motorcycle. It is fairly easy to see why, too, because the bike offers an excellent blend of the spirit and character that Harley-Davidson is so well-known for with practicality and urban maneuverability. That makes the bike as easy to live with as it is fun and satisfying to own and ride.

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