A Madras Ford Dealer Showcases How Ford Makes Style a 2020 Priority

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Autos

All true motor aficionados know that it’s not just what’s under the hood that matters when it comes to a car’s performance. For an all-around exciting experience behind the wheel, the exterior of your vehicle also needs to make an impact. For 2020, Ford have certainly taken this statement to heart, and their most recent offerings have made visuals a priority. 

With a renewed focus on their crossover/SUV lines, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Ford have concentrated on size rather than class. However, a Madras Ford dealer is ready to explain why that isn’t necessarily the case so you can determine which is the best 2020 model for you. 

Bringing Back the Classics

It’s been a while since rumors began of a remodel of the iconic Ford Bronco, and 2020 sees it finally brought back to life with customizations available to those who would like to change up their look. A removable top and doors will be offered to motorists, making it a great option for those who like to feel a summer breeze while knowing their car can handle more extreme weather conditions when needed. 

The 2020 Bronco also takes on a strong, boxy frame for a mid-sized SUV and is also equipped with a rear mounted spare tire for those who enjoy the classic look of an off-road SUV. It looks to share its underpinnings with the 2020 Ranger, another of Ford’s offerings to be given an update.

Polishing an Old Gem

The Ranger is one of Ford’s most successful 2020 makeovers. It now boasts a choice of three cab styles with both two and four door options, and a wide range of color palette to suit the tastes of all drivers. This certainly seems like a smart move on Ford’s part, and they’ve worked hard to shake off any hints of dullness that critics had begun to throw at the old style Ranger.

With five models available, the Ranger certainly tries to cater to all markets, offering both heavy and light body constructions, privacy glass, and a selection of alloys and LED ambient lighting across the range.

However, those who want a powerhouse that offers a hybrid option may need to look elsewhere across Ford’s 2020 contribution. In that case, the F-150 is a clear favorite. 

This New Hybrid Feels Electric

Some drivers simply need a vehicle which can do all the work for them, though it doesn’t mean that their only option is a fuel-guzzling tank. The new 2020 F-150 Hybrid solves this gap in the market while still maintaining its loud, rugged style that supporters demand.

There’s no shame in admitting that size often matters and this iconic full-size pick-up will stand out against the terrain with a custom appearance package. Ford is offering customers the chance to decorate their vehicle with bold body-color accents, chrome grille, exhaust and bumpers and accent stripes, should they so wish. 

A myriad of visual options has confirmed Ford has listened to customers for 2020, with all the best models allowing a high degree of customization. So many choices make it hard to determine the best models of 2020 for style, so check out TS&S Ford, a Ford dealership near Redmond, OR for more helpful tips and advice.

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