3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Car Repair Service

The vehicles of today are much more complicated than they were even a decade ago. Onboard computers and automatic diagnostics provide more reliable vehicles and also signal to owners if there is a potential problem in different systems.

Drivers in and around the Philadelphia area often fail to respond to these warnings, driving their vehicles even when car warning lights illuminate on the dash. While some of these warning lights are not critical, there are three that should immediately result in a call to schedule an appointment with your car repair service center.

The Check Engine Light

While some of the lights are a bit difficult to decipher, the check engine light is easy to see and understand. It looks like the outline of an engine when viewed from the side. There are several issues that can trigger the check engine light to come on, and only your car repair Philadelphia service can run the diagnostic to see if it is a serious issue or a minor fix.

Driving with the check engine light on can result in significant damage to the engine, which is one of the more costly repairs on any make and model of car.

Battery or Charging System Warning

The battery or charging system warning light looks like a small car battery. It is critical to have this checked as it may indicate the battery or the alternator is malfunctioning or not correctly charging the vehicle during operation. It could also indicate an electrical problem in the vehicle.

Oil Pressure Warning

This light typically looks like Aladdin’s lamp. It is a serious issue, and it requires immediate attention from the mechanics at your car repair service center. Driving a vehicle with low oil pressure can damage the engine or lead to the need for an engine replacement.

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