2 Popular Mazda Models To Help You Choose The Right Mazda For You

The new year has just begun and you are looking to buy a Mazda this year. You are still deciding whether you should purchase an SUV or a sedan. As you think about the pros and cons between the two, you also start to wonder which model to choose from. Today, we will talk about 2 popular Mazda models to help you decide which Mazda is right for you.

Test Drive

You are probably wondering where is the closest Mazda dealer in Frankfort so you can test drive the CX-3 and the Mazda3. Head over to Hawk Mazda. They offer top-of-the-line Mazda vehicles, new and used. So when looking for a Mazda dealer in Frankfort, they are the ones to visit.


The CX-3 comes with a 2.0L SKYACTIV-G DOHC 16-Valve 4-Cylinder engine with a 6-Speed SKYACTIV-Drive Automatic transmission, providing 148 horsepower. This means it provides power when you need it without sacrificing gas mileage. Its fuel economy is estimated at 32 highway miles and 27 city miles. It has a total seating capacity of 6. The CX-3 is perfect for those who roll with a crew or a family and love to do so comfortably and in style without losing out on power.


The Mazda3 comes with a 2.5L SKYACTIV-G DOHC 16-Valve I4 VVT with a 6-Speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE Automatic transmission, providing 186 horsepower. This means that even though it is a sedan it is as powerful as an SUV. Its fuel economy is estimated at 35 highway miles and 26 city miles. It has a seating capacity of 5. The Mazda3 is great for those who are always on the go and need the extra power to safely drive to your destination quick, fast, and in a hurry.

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