Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Oil Change Services in Chamblee GA

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Automotive

Oil Change Services Chamblee GA are a vital component in a proper car care regimen. Motor oil protects in multiple ways, and it ensures that the vehicle runs efficiently for as long as possible. However, car owners make certain mistakes when changing the oil, and some of these errors can be costly. Below is a list of the most common oil change mistakes, along with some tips on avoiding them.

Not Tracking Oil Changes

It is important for auto owners to keep track of oil change dates, and to remember which service center did the job. Most oil change and auto service centers place a sticker on the inside of the windshield above the steering wheel, which makes it easier for the driver to remember when to have the oil changed.

Using the Wrong Oil

Drivers shouldn’t assume that the service center knows what type of oil should be used in the vehicle. One can bring their own filter and oil if they choose to do so, but at the very least, one should know what type of oil is required. Using the wrong motor oil can cause a variety of problems, many of them catastrophic.

Using Oil Additives

There is a range of oil additives available, all of which make various claims of increased oil lifespan and greater vehicle efficiency. However, many of these are little more than a placebo, and some can even cause damage to the engine’s internal components. When a repair center uses the right oil type, such additives are nothing but a waste of money.

Choosing the Wrong Service Center

If one takes their car in for Oil Change Services Chamblee GA, they should ensure that the center is honest, reliable and certified. Unethical shops are usually out to make a quick buck, even on minor repairs-;and a little diligence can prevent one from becoming a victim.

Not Changing the Oil at All

Some people are avoidant by nature, and they don’t worry about oil changes at all. Delaying or skipping oil changes can have devastating consequences such as engine failure. Don’t make this costly mistake; Visit the website and have the oil changed at Blue Ridge Automotive.

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