Errors to Look For When Your Car is With an Auto Painting Service in Littleton CO

by | Jul 10, 2019 | A1 Auto Blog, Automotive

Paint is the most noticeable thing on a freshly repaired vehicle. It should be shiny, and the car should look just as it did before the accident. Those in need of car repair and repainting should ensure that the shop they choose isn’t cutting corners where repairs are concerned. Below is a brief list of problems to look for when choosing a body shop.

Paint That Doesn’t Match the Rest of the Vehicle

In some cases, when a customer picks up their vehicle after a repair it may be dark and hard to detect mismatched paint. However, in the light of day, it can be easy to see the difference. Precise paint matching can be difficult, and there are many variables to consider. A good Auto Painting Service in Littleton CO will compensate for these variables, and they will know where to start and stop the repaint, so the whole thing blends together.

Dirt or Dust in the Paint

Many body shops are high-volume, painting dozens of vehicles per day. Cars are often very dirty, and shops create a lot of debris and dust. When all of this is combined with a pressurized, self-contained area, compressed air, and sticky paint, it is easy to see why some paint jobs come out flawed. However, a quality painter will take the time to wipe the vehicle down and cover areas not to be painted.

Sags, Drips and Runs

Gravity is the biggest enemy of liquid. When the paint is applied to the rounded surface of a vehicle, it tries to run down to the ground and ends up as a sag or drip in the paint. This is particularly noticeable with metallic colors, as the reflective bits can collect at the edge of a body panel. While paint drips are unavoidable, customers should check their cars before paying the bill so they can get it taken care of right away.

Good body shops have a quality control checklist to follow, and they have people ready to verify each job is done properly before customers come to pick them up. With the knowledge in this guide, customers of an auto painting service in Littleton CO like Titan Auto Body can Click here to avoid these problems and know what to look for at pickup.

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