Common Issues With Brakes in Groton: What to Look For and How to Make Brake Parts Last Longer

Anyone that drives a vehicle has probably noticed that brakes are rather important. They are also always in use, so they tend to wear out faster than other parts. There are some signs drivers should watch for to know when their brakes are in need of maintenance and many ways for people to reduce the damage they cause to the brakes unnecessarily.

The most common sign of bad Brakes in Groton is a screeching noise that is heard whenever the brakes are applied. This is the sound of the indicator installed inside the pad being exposed. It means the pads are now worn down enough to require replacing. Other signs include grinding noises, the vehicle pulling to one side when the brakes are in use, and a vibration or shaking feeling when using the brakes. These signs could mean either the pads or rotors need to be replaced.

An especially worrisome problem is bad brake lines. A small leak will cause the brakes to take longer to stop the vehicle than they normally do. The driver may need to depress the brake pedal all the way to the floor in order to make the vehicle stop. A leak is easy to find because the fluid will drip on the ground beneath the vehicle. This type of problem should be repaired quickly because of the risk of the line rupturing and preventing the brakes from working at all.

Brakes in Groton can last longer if vehicle owners change some of their habits. Never apply brakes when at a high speed. Always allow the vehicle to slow down by letting off the accelerator and waiting until the speed drops before using the brakes. Avoid applying more pressure to the brake pedal than necessary and do not overload the vehicle.

Using good quality parts and having a reliable service for regular maintenance, like Bumper to Bumper, are additional tips that help to keep vehicles safer for all drivers. Brakes are important, so do not ignore signs that something is wrong. Waiting too long can cause damage that will make the repairs even more expensive, and it also increases the risk of not being able to stop when necessary.

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