The Subaru Outback, Built For The Demands Of The American Market

The Subaru Outback is one of the few vehicles that have been designed with the US market in mind. This wagon shares many of the positive traits of a conventional SUV but without the downside. Like all Subaru’s, a used Subaru Outback in Joliet has all wheel drive and a raised suspension; perfect for navigating Chicago streets in the winter.

The outback began as a spin-off from The Subaru Legacy sedan. For the years that it has been available it has given buyers comfort and all weather capability without adopting the feel of a truck based SUV. Even with generous ground clearance, the Outback handles more like the sedan in its linage than an SUV or crossover.

Changes over the years:

The Outback, which dates back to the mid 1990s, came along when SUV sales were going up. In 2000 the Outback was refreshed, it gained ground clearance and a more powerful engine and automatic transmission. The interiors went under the spotlight as well and in 2012 it was improved again to provide a new ride sensation, more refined and more comfortable.

The last couple of years:

A used Subaru Outback in Joliet is a very sound vehicle; rarely does anything fail or go wrong. The Outback has no trouble seating five full grown adults, the wide doors makes getting in and out easy. When the split folding rear seats are down the floor is almost flat giving it a mammoth cavity for handling cargo.

Although the Outback drives more like a well bred sedan don’t think for one minute that it can’t handle itself well off road. When the road is covered with snow, the all wheel drive gives it the sure footedness of a cat.

The thing with a used Subaru Outback is, it will not be the least expensive used car on the lot simply because it holds its value very well thanks to its innate quality and reliability.

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