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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Manual Transmission

Are you interested in the advantages and disadvantages of a manual transmission? If you love to drive a stick, then a manual car might be more fun. Even though automatic is the norm, there are several benefits to owning a manual.


Stick-shift vehicles require fewer moving parts than comparable manuals. As a result, manuals are easier to repair, and there are fewer opportunities for something to go wrong. The clutch is generally the only item that needs to be repaired, but they can last over 100K miles.

Manual transmissions use gear oil or engine oil, and this fluid deteriorates less. Therefore, a manual transmission does not require fluid changes often.

Automatic vehicles have torque converters and hydraulic pumps. These components siphon efficiency from the car, decreasing MPGs. Ultimately, some manual drivers report up to 15% fuel economy improvements.

Braking is more manageable without the torque converter model found in most automatics. Since you can jump down gears on demand, drivers can use engine braking.

The purchase price is another massive area of benefit, as buyers can obtain manuals at a discount.


Learners complain about driving manuals in the beginning, but their complaints dissipate. The first couple of rides may be a little jerky and shaky as the learner adjusts.

Starting and stopping on hills can be a major challenge for new manual drivers. Typically, the vehicle will roll back at first, which can be frightening.

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